The future will be a time when the world looks different from today.

The future will be a time when the world looks different from today.

Or is it?

Many things will be different, yet so many things will be exactly the same.

One could argue that eating is kinda same experience today as it was 10 years ago

I call these constants. Permanent structures.

Our lives contain a lot of permanent structures.

This current moment is a permanent structure.

Ability to breathe is a permanent structure.

Eating is a permanent structure.

”No, they aren’t. They are subject to change. Change is the only constant!!!!”

Yea, at some level, yes. But it’s kinda irrelevant. In our day to day lives we have many things we should consider as permanent and when they no longer are, it doesn’t matter.

When these things are no longer permanent, then we are probably dead and none of this really mattered.

So until then its about your life and how it will be until you die.

Sometimes we fear missing out on things. But there are many constants, you’ll adapt, you can always go back. So you’re free to roam.

This is the key to being.

Between your death and this present moment is the rest of your life, and the question, and ultimately the only question really, is:

How it will unfold?

What path will it be?

Will you be happy? Miserable? Indifferent?

What will you experience?

Will you follow your instinct, your feelings, your wishes or will you follow a structure laid before you? (Both are fine btw)

Will you learn new things, or will you stagnate and stay as you are right now? That’s fine too. It’s your path after all.

Are you happy now?

Where you are in experience has everything to do with where you are in consciousness.

This is super important to notice. Your thinking determines your destiny. Your psychological patterns determine your destiny. Your vision and your daily actions determine your destiny. The way you talk determines your destiny.

In the end, these things solely shape your life. They have shaped your life to this point in time. And they will shape your future, starting from this very moment.

You’re not important. Go live your life. Go walk your own path, whatever that may be.

Go make that future different from today. Embrace it. Or starve in the trenches, as life passes you by. It’s your choice.

Best wishes,

Mikko J. Heikkinen


Philosopher / musician / blogger


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